Don’t just recover. Empower!
The best program for divorce, breakup, or separation

“An excellent source for assessing yourself before, during, or after

a breakup, separation, or divorce.

An amazing beginning to finding your way to rebuilding yourself

regardless how you define your experience

in the loss of your love relationship.” ~ Karen S.​


Healing for your heart.

Understanding for your mind.

Learn how childhood patterns affected your relationship.

Relief for your emotions.

Calm the chaos.


Toolkit with exercises & quizzes

Restorative self-care tips

Live lessons with Bethany

Concepts from modern teachers

Before and after Impact Assessments.


Weekly live lessons on Zoom

Group Coaching

Connect 24/7 in our online Community Group

Learn from and support others on a similar journey.


Eligibility and Registration

  • If you are in emotional pain, whether before, during or after your heartbreak, this course is for you.
  • If you have been stuck in emotional pain for longer than you want, this course will help you, as well
  • If you are past the gut-wrenching emotional aspects of your heartbreak, this course is not for you. 
  • A well rounded experience for both men and women.
  • Includes a free coaching session with Bethany, and additional reduced coaching sessions.
Refund Policy
  • If you attend the first session and it doesn’t seem like a fit, you will receive a full refund by asking for it within one week of attending that session.
  • If you attend the second session and then don’t like it, you will receive a $200 refund by asking for it within one week of attending that session.
  • No refunds will be given after the second session.
No refunds are given for coaching sessions.

Talk to Bethany?

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Student Experiences

When you are emotionally abandoned by the one single person you’ve built your life around you need support. The Beyond Divorce class provides the forum to gain insight and support that is useful in shoring up what remains and teaching about how to survive..

Mike Schrieber

Colorado, USA

This class saved me. I was so lost and so sad when this started. I didn’t think I would survive the pain. I am literally in such a better place. I will be forever grateful. Thank you!

Sindy W.

Colorado, USA

I was skeptical that a divorce group could help me and I’m happy to say I was proved wrong. I learned so much about myself and my relationship, that knowledge has helped ease the heartache inherent in the divorce process. I’m tremendously grateful to have found Jeannine and this class.

Cher F.

Colorado, USA

It was surprising how quickly I began to look forward to the class. Building community with people who are in a similar place: the ability to meet people who truly understand where you are—as experts in pain. I found a lot of safety in opening up to these people.

Greg H.

Colorado, USA